Every time you turn on the TV you see ads for Tag AwayThat’s the new, inexpensive, all-natural home remedy for removing “skin tags.” I get those a lot so I bought the product and used it. Let me share with you what I learned.

Skin tags are tiny white flecks that can appear anywhere and everywhere on your body. They’re ugly and irritating, and up to now it’s always cost a lot of money to get them taken off.

Not any more . . .

Tag Away removes skin tags without pain or scarring, and it’s MUCH cheaper than going to see a medical doctor. It’s a homeopathic product, completely safe and totally effectiveOne of life’s most annoying skin problems is now a thing of the past for for me. 

Getting rid of skin tags – why?

Nobody knows what causes Acrochordon (that’s the fancy name for skin tags). People tend to get them when they’re expecting a baby or have gained a lot of weight. They also seem to be associated with excessive sweat, but they can and do occur for many other reasons.

Most skin tags are not cancerous and won’t cause people any problems. But if they get caught on clothes, or on a body brush, they can burst, bleed, become painful and get infected. That’s not pretty.

Skin tags aren’t pretty, either. No partner wants to run his or her hand up and down a body sporting all those little bumps. Ugh!

What to do? Up to now, the only thing you could do is make an expensive and inconvenient trip to the dermatologist, who will inject anesthesia around every single skin tag you want removed. He’ll cut one off (and that takes a long time to heal), or he’ll burn one off (which takes a long time for the scab to fall off and THEN heal).

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And you pay, separately, for each and every removal. With each one, imaging your bill getting larger and larger.

There’s a new method out there.

Thanks to Tag Away, you don’t have to do any of that. You can safely remove your own skin tags, even in hard to reach places, for a fraction of the cost and with no increase in risk.


THUJA OCCIDENTALIS is the secret ingredient!

Tag Away is made from derivatives of all-natural plant leaves, along with a special active ingredient with natural properties for removing tags.

It’s called Thuja Occidentalis or “White Cedar,” a beautiful evergreen which can be found throughout the North American continent. For centuries, the dark green leaves of the White Cedar have been famous for their healing ability.

White Cedar tea (made from the leaves) fights headaches, stomach upset, and digestive problems. The leaves can be extracted for oil for use in beauty creams and liniment.

All-natural White Cedar gives tag away its extraordinary capability to get rid of your skin tags without causing you pain and without scarring you for life.

How it works

Put a little Tag Away onto a Q-Tip. Rub it lightly into the skin tag area daily for a period of three to six weeks.

That’s all you do! After a short time the tag will shrivel and disappear without scarring, blistering, burning, or itching. How easy is that?

You can apply Tag Away virtually anywhere on your body, including those sensitive places, such as the armpits. (Tags do tend to appear in the neighborhood of sebaceous glands.)

What to be careful of:

Don’t use Tag Away for skin tags on the eyelids. Let a dermatologist attend to those.

Avoid placing any cosmetics or creams at the same locations where you are applying Tag Away. You don’t want to risk those products’ chemicals having a counteractive effect on Tag Away. Maintaining clean, dry skin at all times is your best bet.

Finally, keep using Tag Away until the tag disappears; don’t stop it prematuraly. Follow directions and IT WILL DO THE JOB. 3-8 weeks after you start applying Tag Away, each tag will disappear, leaving no trace it was ever there.

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